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Live dates this summer

Rudy has put together a band to play this summer at a handful of dates in the UK, possibly Europe too.  Two or three  original members will play and a couple of fresh-faced youths. Alex is not currently involved.

They will play under the name #A.R.Kane, and the set will consist of new renditions of the singles, some new songs and some improvisations.

Dates will be announced in the coming days.

For more info go to  https://www.facebook.com/arkaneuk  - the site is managed by Rudy.
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  • Posted: 7/11/2016 10:44:07 AM by cburja

Posted: 03 May 2015

Doing stuff


Welcome to the official A.R.Kane page. A few bits of memory scattered around here, hope you enjoy.
For information regarding live , recording or production, or if you want to keep up-to-date, best to check https://www.facebook.com/arkaneuk - managed by me.




A.R.Kane 25: Totem series complete singles collection
Lollita Box  -25 years
Tina Burton's promo video for 'Knife'

Baby Milk Snatcher from '69' album


Leadmill, 88

A.R.Kane play Sheffields famous Leadmill club, Autmn 1988

Photo's of the band, live

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28 June 2011

"... we worked out how to communicate ..."