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Lollita Box -25 years

UPDATE - OCTOBER 7TH 2012 - The product is been suspended due to lack of interest. If you pre-ordered via this site then you will have received your refund last week.
Please read on to see what you missed ...

A.R.Kane will commemorate  the 25th anniversary of the 4AD release Lollita, with this extremely limited edition box set, packed with music and gorgeous artwork.
The theme is around the original artwork (photo by Jeurgen Teller, design by 4AD/23 Envelope's Vaughn Oliver).

 Lollita Box - Contains
  • Screen-printed T-shirt with image front and back, as per the original
  • A pair of quality, individually numbered screen prints, featuring front and back image
  • Postcard pack - 6 cards
  • The A.R.Kane complete singles compilation by One Little Indian - featuring the Lollita single, produced by Robin 'Cocteau Twin' Guthrie
  • Signed letter of thanks and eternal membership to the fan club 'Up Home' that doesn't really exist
  • A surprise something, maybe
  • Boxed in a canvas slip, hand printed with the A.R.Kane 25th Anniversary logo
Everything will be hand-made-printed and individually numbered and signed and wrapped beautifully, so it's like real special!
EXTREMELY LIMTED EDITION on first come basis - if you're interested then reserve now via
info a t  arkane.co.uk

with subject line 'Lollita Box'.

The box standard price will be £120 but will be discounted 33
1/3 % to £80 for the first 50 pre-orders.
You will be able to order next week.

All the best

The Management

Box Set Mercahndise 

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