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Tina Burton's promo video for 'Knife'

::1986 tina burton film student at nelp plaistow east london::tres experimental handheld 8mm movie cameras and 8mm scratched film loops she created the live visual noise to compliment our freeform soundscapades::early shows were a blend of warhol factory acid test pollock action sub pop king tubby eastend punk affirming epileptic chaos procreant urge of sorts ::andi findley sonicpahrmacy found an old onelittleindianpromo you push a knife into my womb when you're sad vhs tape that has the last 2mins capturing the live performance::in the show we see live footage of alex singing rudy playing geetah russel smith on bass maggie tambala on vocals and location footage shot in the stratford rec water lane alex in shades and anita tambala skipping and shit::tina transferred to video and edited the old 3 machine way at nelp and made the best video of the decade i think you will agree:: thank you andi tina and all those behind the scenes without whom this life would have been different and possibly funnier::


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Posted: 23 July 2011