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You push a knife into my womb - 25th Anniversary

twenty four summers and twenty five years have slipped by hardly noticed  since this raggedy-assed contusion of a single oozed into the anti-collective consciousness all splinters and sunshine and dreams and stuff the title track influenced by atmospheres riff you push a knife into my womb a simple reference to paranoid sadomasochistic dysfunctional relationship insecurity  had to be renamed to the refrain when you're sad because of the early murmurings of pc morality at camp rough trade as the artwork photography proves so after a particularly anti-punk start these east end ruffians the black jesus and mary chain as they were originally described by some twit were let loose on the world re cording with the flux s drummer the name escapes me and russell smith the first band bass player produced by ray shulman and engineered by one little Indian impresario derek burkett at berry street studios famous for the smell of rancid coffe and pissy carpets with essence of lee scratch perry and a nice little jewish café around the corner where wed argue with the apparently anarcho punks but we thought they were just hippies  with skinhead hair dos about whether eggs were meat and chickens periods and eat latkas with beetroot and radish sauce yum yum and maggie tambala sang the backing vocals on knife and andi sang backing on the cinema show inflected haunting the b side yes it is called haunting not so far away although given the precedent set by the a side you never know a song that was directly inspired by a dream of being with someone once loved but now lost and on awakening being cloaked in that indescribale in words anyway emotion so i suppose one could posit that haunting was the first dreampo below are shots of artwork shot and compiled by paul white of me company and the track as seen on youtube there is a proper video in existence filmed by tina burton but im damned if I still have a copy so if anyone does let me know and ill give you a special gift filled with splinters and sunlight and dreams and stuff enjoy

Actual title - You push a knife into my womb
Actual title - Haunting


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  • Posted: 1/20/2014 12:08:17 PM by pomeloman

Posted: 04 July 2011