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Green Hazed Daze

Green Hazed Daze was the lead track on the Love Sick EP released OCTOBER MCMLXXXVIII, on Rough Trade Records. Inspired by Miles, Brubeck, playground songs, and Jefferson Airplane, it swings in a 5/4 psychedelic soul groove. Ha ha hah!

Working to a deadline of "Finish the mix by Monday for the cut, or the EP doesn't get realeased this year" kinda nonsense, Alex and Rudy labored the weekend in their basement studio, finishing around 4am Monday morning. Rudy left, and Alex thought he'd have one more listen.
He hit play on the 1/2" master tape but there was a deadly silence. Around 20 seconds of knob twiddling and Alex realised he'd actually hit 'Play + Record', unwittingly erasing the intro section of the final mix, and with no back up copy.

Rudy returned around 8am for the trip to the mastering rooms, only to find a goggle-eyed, sheepish Alex; he'd stayed up all night trying to reproduce the mix, until finally, he spliced his best effort intro into the original.

Best thing that could've happend - it made the song!

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Posted: 03 July 2011