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announcements - june 2017

Lollita 30th birthday is July 1st.

To celebrate we are creating a limited run of white Tees (XXL late 80's styleee) featuring the original artwork, front and back (as modelled by Rudy - Sheffiled Leadmill 1987).

* Tee £30 + postage. 

* Also up for grabs are a few vinyl 12"s, signed, with hand-written lyric at £40 + postage SOLD OUT 

* Tee + vinyl (as above) at £60 + postage ... these are going fast, guys .. SOLD OUT

UK Buyers Western Europe Buyers Rest of the World Buyers
Select your goodies
Select your goodies
Select your goodies

A note on shipment.

WESTERN EUROPE: P+P £8.50 (Austria, Belgium, Denmark (including Faroe islands and Greenland, Finland, France (including Andorra and Monaco), Germany, Greece, Iceland, Republic of Ireland, Italy (including San Marino and Vatican city), Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway (including Spitzbergen), Portugal (including the Azores and Madeira), Spain, Sweden and Switzerland (including Liechtenstein).
REST OF THE WORLD: P+P £11.95 (Any countries not mentioned above fall into this class including USA and Canada).

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Soon we will release details of our crowd-funding campaign for the new recording of 10 songs

June 20th 2018 is the 30th anniversary of '69' - we'd like to do something special for you, and so ... let us know what you'd like

In 2016 rudy collaborated with ummagma on winter tale, and remixed a couple veldt songs including 'and its you' here 

2017 live dates

2016 live dates

Soup Kitchen, Manchester - May 23

Primavera Sound, Barcelona Spain – Performing June 2 & 4
Nos Primavera Sound Porto, Portugal - June 11
Kumu ÖÖ festival, Tallinn, Estonia - June 18
The Good Ship, London - July 13
Siren Festival, Vasto Italy - July 22
Half Die Festival, Rome, Italy - July 24
On Blackheath Festival, London - September 10
2015 live dates
MIDI Festival, S.France - July 22
Supernormal, Oxfordshire, England - August 8

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https://www.facebook.com/arkaneuk/ for social and you can message us direct there.
Twitter @infokane

Email enquiries re live, recording, production, synch etc. use this feedback form, below

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